How to compare Memphis car insurance policies

It seems like now more than ever the buzz about Memphis car insurance policies is focused on comparing insurance quotes online. While most companies now provide tools for comparing quotes online, very few if any are actually giving their customers specific explanations of exactly what they should be comparing and why.

They fail to highlight the importance of doing a more in-depth inspection of coverage selections when comparing policies side by side. No worries though, because with this breakdown choosing the right car insurance will no longer be a mystery to you. Let us lead you toward the perfect policy for you.

Comparing Coverages 

When comparing policies the most obvious thing to do is to just focus on the policy’s monthly rate, but in order to be fully assured you are protected you have to give your selected coverages a thought. You can really benefit from learning the process of how a premium is determined & use that new knowledge to decide on just the right amount of coverage you need. At the same time though, don’t forget that before you start comparing coverages.

Are the policies equally valuable?

The first and most important step in determining the value of a policy is to take a step back & give an honest evaluation of your personal situation. Really think about & understand your budget, driving habits, & the level of financial risk you’re currently at. For instance, if you know that your budget does not leave you with much money left over each month & that you don’t have any accessible savings, then choosing a high deductible would be a bad idea for you.

If you do happen to have an accident one month, having to pay that high deductible to use your policy could be devastating to your financial situation & that’s not at all how insurance is supposed to serve you.

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Company A might offer a lower rate than Company B, but that reduction in price might be because their policy offers less financial protection (lower coverage limit), in the event of an accident, compared to their competitor. Just always be sure that when you look at a policy comparison that the coverage selections match so you don’t mistakenly compare apples to oranges.

Another thing to keep in mind is the offered discounts, if any, and the terms of how you will pay your premium. Some companies automatically apply discounts, such as a clean driving record discount, to your quoted rate, but if you don’t actually have a clean record then that obviously would not be an accurate quote for you.

Unfortunately, some companies are all about deceiving consumers to get their business, but that is exactly why we are committed to providing the Memphis community with the best information available. Also look out for whether the policy’s price requires a one-time full payment or allows for monthly payments to be made.

Comparing Companies

No one wants to pay for bad service plain and simple. That’s why it’s a must that you do your homework on prospective insurers. It’s not enough to compare rates or coverages because at the end of the day if it’s a hassle to pay your premium or file a claim you will be left unhappy & frustrated.

Insurance is meant to supplement your life, which is why it is imperative that you check out your state’s auto insurers complaint ratio, read local reviews & rankings, and judge the customer service of your prospective insurers to make sure you will be in the right hands.

Don’t feel like you have to go on your insurance search blinded. We are here for you in the city of Memphis, TN to provide you with the right tools to make your selection process a breeze. Let us help you lead the right way.

Get free expert insurance advice before you shop for your next policy. It pays to be prepared so check out our blog and take advantage of the several topics we cover so you won’t have to think twice about your next move.




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