4 Ways to choose the best car insurance in Memphis TN


So you want to find the best coverage without breaking your bank? There are certain steps that you must take to ensure that you get exactly what you want on your search for the best car insurance in Memphis Tn. You must make sure that you set your priorities, check out each company’s reputation, compare quotes, & even after purchasing periodically evaluate your coverage to be certain you are getting the best deal you possibly can. Unless you are comfortable shopping around on your own, you also might want to consider these tips before purchasing your next policy.


Know what you want

Are you looking for the cheapest policy you can find or are you more concerned with quality & customer service? Either way your first step to finding the best car insurance company is simply narrowing down exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

While it is usually desirable for the price to be as low as possible, you also have to consider what you are giving up in exchange for reduced costs. Most companies are able to offer lower rates by reducing coverages, but this can leave you unprotected in several situations such as rental coverage in the event of an accident or if you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.


See what each company’s customers have to say & make sure they are a reputable insurer

Once you have narrowed your search down to your top few companies its best to then do your research on each of them. You want to make sure they are legitimate & see what their current customers are saying about them so you can get a feel for how they really operate. Most major companies do a good job of presenting themselves to consumers, but that does not necessarily mean that they actually fulfill the promises they make.

There are several websites you can check out to find out what kind of reputation your prospective insurer holds. First you should look on you state’s department of insurance website to confirm that the company is licensed to sell auto insurance in your state. Then secondly, I would find out how they are ranked by another reputable organization such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Compare Quotes

In today’s world there is an endless number of sites available for you to compare car insurance quotes so finding comparisons does not take much preparation, but knowing how to gauge the true value of each one is a different story. Some companies are guilty of being deceitful with their quoted rates when being compared with their competitors, therefore it’s imperative that you know the key things to look for when comparing rates.

Not all policies are created equal and when looking over rate comparisons things are not always apples to apples. You have to make sure that each plan includes the same coverages because the last thing you want is to think you found the best policy at the right price, but to later find out, when you need your policy most, that you’re lacking necessary coverage.


Routinely monitor the specifics of your policy

Certain life events can cause your monthly premium to increase or decrease depending on the specific situation. It pays to be informed & stay on top of things by looking into what affect certain life events can have on your policy seeming that our lives are rarely stagnant.

Buying a new car, moving, getting older, purchasing a new home, & getting married are all events that can potentially reduce your premium, while filing claims, adding teenagers to your policy, and traffic violations are all events that can actually cause an increase in your rate. It’s a good idea to have your insurer go over detailed scenarios with you before you purchase a policy so you will fully understand how you will be affected by your future circumstances.


Don’t settle for anything less than the best on your new search for car insurance in Memphis TN.


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