Protecting what’s yours.

We all hate the thought of it, but what would happen if you came home one day to a burglarized apartment missing your computer, bike, or your stash of emergency cash? With a renters policy you could rest assured that you would be okay.

Bet you didn’t know that renters insurance covers much more than just damaged or stolen belongings. If an accident happens your family and guests will get the care they need, or if you need to get a hotel for a few nights after a kitchen fire you’re reimbursed for your stay & any meals.

There are just endless reasons why you should give us a shot.


Family Liability and Guest Medical

Covers accidental injuries while on your property.

Personal Property

Covers damage from Fire, Lightning, Wind & Hail, Water Damage, Smoke and Explosion.


Covers theft in or out of your home.

Additional Living Expenses

Covers living expenses when your home is uninhabitable.