Pet Insurance Memphis: 5 Reasons why you should insure your pet

Imagine you just got your 1st puppy. Words can not even describe how you feel about your new companion & it seems as if nothing in the world can go wrong. That’s until several days later your puppy seems to be ill and you’re forced to take her to the vet. Just as any concerned parent would, you wait on the edge of your seat hoping that it’s only a minor issue. The vet comes out and gives you news that your puppy has a treatable virus, but will only have a good chance of surviving through the night if she stays in the clinic for treatment. Treatment that will cost a couple thousand dollars & that could last for over a week’s time. Since you do not have the available funds to pay for that treatment you are forced to take your puppy home & do your best to care for her on your own. Shortly after the unexpected happens & you are left wondering exactly when did things go wrong?


It is so easy to get lost in the excitement of a new addition to your family that you forget to consider the best ways to make sure they are protected. If you are ever faced with a similar situation as above having pet insurance to help cover certain expenses can be the difference maker for your pet’s well being. Whether they happen to get sick or just need a general check-up, here are 5 reasons why pet insurance is worth the investment.


1. Vet bills can be expensive & costs will only continue to rise as technology advances.

There is a good chance that your pet will have an unexpected vet visit at least once a year. They could need something as minor as a few shots or as major as a $10,000 surgery. You just never know what or when something may come up. Breakthroughs in modern medicine are allowing many animals to maintain healthy lifestyles, but this technology does come at a cost.


2. It can help you avoid the tough decisions you would face if in an emergency situation.

The situation we mentioned at the beginning is a prime example of how having pet insurance can prevent you from having to make tough decisions due to your financial situation. With an affordable premium & the right deductible you can be prepared for the unexpected.


3. Most pet insurance policies cover routine check ups and other regular treatments that actually help to prevent serious future health issues.

It can be as simple as making sure to schedule regular vaccinations & teeth cleanings for your pet. The little things like this can make all the difference and whether your pet stays healthy throughout its lifetime.


4. A pet insurance policy does even more for your pet than just cover routine check-ups.

Of course your policy will cover your pets routine check-ups, but on top of that depending on your level of coverage it can also aid you when paying for any surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, or treatments.


5. It leaves you one less thing to worry about knowing that all your family members are protected.

We would like to think that our financial situation will be just as we desire it to be, but with everything around us constantly changing that can’t always be guaranteed. Pet insurance is the perfect way to insure your pet’s protection by providing you piece of mind knowing you will have some help with costs in the event that they need care.


It’s never too late to consider a policy for your four-legged friend, but you definitely want to act sooner than later.


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